Western Michigan University
Lawson Ice Arena and Gabel Natatorium

Non-Swimmer Policy and Pool Rules

Non-swimmer Policy

  • Non-swimmer—anyone who cannot swim on their own or chooses to wear a life-jacket is considered a non-swimmer.
  • We require one parent/guardian for every two non-swimmers to be in the water actively participating with their non-swimmers. Adults must be in the water within two body lengths of their child.
  • If swimmers ability is questionable, they might be asked to perform a swim test.

General Pool Rules

  1. All persons must shower before entering the pool.
  2. No running on the pool deck.
  3. No diving in shallow area.
  4. No persons with a bandage (a band-aid is not a bandage), open cut, blister, or inflamed eyes will be permitted to use the pool.
  5. No inflatable devices allowed in the pool with the exception of beach balls.
  6. No horseplay of any kind.
  7. No gum in pool area.
  8. No swimming under or walking across the bulkhead.
  9. All toys and floatables must remain in the shallow end.
  10. A swim test must be administered in order to swim or use the diving boards in the deep end and a wristband must be put on by lifeguard or pool attendant. If a swimmer does not have a wristband, then under no circumstances are they allowed to be in the deep end.
    a. The swim test consists of swimming 50 ft. across the pool in a depth of 7ft using freestyle or front crawl.

Diving Area Rules

  1. One person will be allowed on the diving board at a time.
  2. Swinging or hanging from boards will not be permitted.
  3. Wait unit area is clear before diving.
  4. Persons must dive straight off diving board.
  5. There are no flips or twists allowed off the boards.
  6. No running is allowed on the board.
  7. No diving off of the high dive.
  8. Only feet first entry from high dive.

Wibit Rules

  1. No more than two adults or four children per section at a time.
  2. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to:
    a. Stand on the top of the bridge section or the slide section.
    b. Dive off of the side of the Wibit.
    c. Swim underneath the Wibit.

Rock Rules

  1. No more than two people on the Rock at a time.
  2. Swimmers can climb either side of the Rock.
  3. The second swimmer may climb to the top of the Rock once the first swimmer has slid down the Rock.
  4. The diving boards behind the Rock are not to be used while the Rock is in the water.
  5. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to:
    a. Stand on the top of the Rock.
    b. Jump or slide off of the sides or back of the Rock.
    c. Swim underneath the Rock.
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